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Towards the northern most part of the island of luzon lies the cordillera mountain range. These mountains were formerly called the mountain province and were divided into five sub-provinces namely benguet, ifugao, bontoc, apayao, and kalinga. It was then the second largest province of the philippines.

In these sub-provinces are different tribes of distinct dialects and cultures, but are all also similar to be collectively called igorots. Perhaps it is the similarities of their cultures, or their being a part of the cultural minorities of the philippines, that has bonded these "People of the mountains" to form an organization called bibak. As simple as it is, taking the first letters of each sub-province, did not only make sure that this organization represents all the people of this large province, but it also points to a fact that each province and it's people complement each other. Together, they show a better image of an igorot.

On june 18, 1966, republic act 4695 divided the province into four provinces, benguet, ifugao, mountain province (bontoc was named as its capital), and kalinga-apayao. This caused some bibak organizations to change their name to bimak to reflect the change of name but others preferred to stay with bibak. The formation of the cordillera administration region, which added the province of abra to the four provinces, has also prompted the formation of some organizations called bimaak. But through it all, name change or not, bibak and the others are organizations of igorots. Bibak is an organization that reflects the solidarity and desire to preserve the uniqueness of the igorot culture.

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