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BIBAK San Diego Through the Years

Entering the decade of the 80's, some Igorots have already established themselves in San Diego. They may be military families who took San diego as their duty station, or civilians who decided to make this beautiful city their home. As often the case with people, they try to seek other people who share the same traditions and cultures, but up to this time, only a handful of Igorot families were getting together during special occasions. For Andy Afuyog and James Ambasing, who first met at San Diego City College, it was apparent that there was a need for Igorots to reach out to other Igorots not only to help each other, but to socialize and know more kailians. From here the idea of a BIBAK San Diego was conceived and from that conception, came the birth of an organization.

On January 18, 1981, the first election of BIBAK San Diego Officers was held at the residence of Felix and Rose Lucaben. Present during this historic moment were Andy andLinda Afuyog, James and Cres Ambasing, John and Alice Baon, Orlando and Edith Esteban, Felissa Estepa,Maricana Domilos, Edmund and Marilyn Garcia, Johnand Luz Pulsingay, and Hilaria Sendong. Induction of the first elected officers was held March, 1981 and has been designated as BIBAK San Diego's Foundation Month. The first officers were: President: Jonh Pulsingay;Vice President: Felix Lucaben; Secretary/ Treasurer: Domitilla Comenat; Auditor: Edwin Abeya; and PRO: Andres Afuyog. Members and officers have come and gone since then, and BIBAK San Diego has steadily grown. If you live near the area, please contact us and be a member. If you happen to visit San Diego, rest assured that there are Igorots here to welcome you. (Charlie Tican, 1997)

Notable Events

  • 1982 - Founding of BIBAK San Diego in March
  • 2008 - First Grand Canao "The Beat Goes On"
  • 2014 - Second Grand Canao "The Beat Goes On II"